Horse and Rider Treatment

We have all heard of compensation within our bodies - a misaligned pelvis may lead to un-levelness in the opposite shoulder in order to compensate for the imbalance. This is also true with a horse's body.


But what happens when you put an unbalanced rider on a horse, or vice versa? The same compensation will happen between the two, perhaps even exaggerated by the added weight of the rider. 


Therefore it is VITAL that both the rider and horse be treated to optimise the treatment results, also to reduce the risk of re-injuries. 

With this being such an important factor, I offer a 'Horse & Rider Package' at a discounted price:

1 Rider & 1 Horse: £70 - Any subsequent horse + £30
Please contact for info about multiple riders or other combinations.

Areas covered: Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire & Herefordshire

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