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I have arthritis, can I still exercise?

'I have arthritis, can I still exercise?'

I have treated a number of clients with varying degrees of arthritis, this includes both younger and older generations. Some of them have had it for many years and take a cocktail of medications for the pain, others take glucosamines or other supplements.

I often am asked, 'Can I still exercise?'

Simple answer: YES! In fact, one of the best things you can do if you have arthritis is to keep moving!

The human body is very well designed, and it has many great protective and healing systems. Within our joints there is a fluid called the Synovial Fluid, this acts as a lubricant to reduce friction in joints.

Now, I love a good analogy, so here's one: Imagine you have a rusty piston (joint), and to fix that stiffness you spray some WD-40 on (synovial fluid), do you now just leave it and call it a day (not exercising)? Or do you move the piston around to make sure the WD-40 is spread everywhere (exercising!)? The system of joint and synovial fluid is a little more complicated than that, but you get the gist.

Further more, a recent study has shown that weight loading on the joints can actually reduce the risk of inflammation, their conclusion is:

'This study reveals that mechanical loading [on joints] suppresses inflammatory signalling, ... by activation of HDAC6 (protein) and post transcriptional modulation of tubulin.'

'But it hurts to move it!' I hear you say.

Regular Bowen therapy has been shown to relieve symptoms of arthritis! I also suggest to all of my clients to use Magnesium Oil Spray on their arthritic joints to relieve the pain.

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Fu S, et al. Mechanical loading inhibits cartilage inflammatory signalling via an HDAC6 and IFT-dependent mechanism regulating primary cilia elongation. Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2019.

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