What is Bowen?​

Bowen technique is a manual soft tissue release therapy. It involves applying gentle movements over soft tissues on the body. This is done over clothing and relief is regularly felt immediately. There is no adjustment or manipulation, and is suitable for all ages. 


How does Bowen therapy work?

As humans, we have the ability to develop responses to stimuli extremely quickly. For instance, if we find ourselves in danger we quickly determine how to respond to it. The same goes for all other situations. A Bowen therapist will use pressure that is appropriate for the individual so the movements do not provoke the body's natural defence system. Therefore Bowen therapy gives our bodies a much needed break, during which they are able to reset.

There are many theories behind how Bowen treatment actually works. Many questions are raised on how it helps to prompt muscles and tissue in the body to repair and heal. Although research is still ongoing, many theories conclude that it has something to do with how the brain reacts to neural stimulus.

The brain emits around 600,000 signals per second. These send out signals and in turn receive information from the body. For example, a muscular movement begins from the front part of the brain and is sent via signals through the spinal cord, to the arm or leg where it transforms into movement. In order to send this muscle movement signal, however, the brain must first receive a signal telling it what is happening and why this muscle must be moved. This sending and receiving of information operates in a loop circuit, with signals travelling at fast speed.

Bowen therapy fits into this theory because of how the rolling movements - and the regular intervals between each sequence - interfere with signals to the brain. This creates another set of variables for the brain to examine. Once the brain begins to reorder the signals it is also able to receive and interpret information coming from other areas of the body. This explains why Bowen therapy is able to treat ailments that a patient may not have been aware of. By interfering with the brain's controlled loop circuit of signals, Bowen therapy helps the brain to pinpoint other areas in the body that may need healing and repairing.