Home Visit

Treatments are provided at your home or office, areas covered: Forest of Dean & Monmouthshire. Other areas can be arranged.


A quiet and undisturbed room with enough space for the therapy bed is required (approx. size of a standard door).


Please also wear comfortable clothing, eg. T-shirt, strap tops, cotton trousers or jogging bottoms.

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Yard Visit

Horse (& rider) treatments are provided at your yard, stables or field. Areas covered are Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire & Herefordshire.


Please ensure that the horse is ready to be treated prior to appointment time, either stabled or caught if it's in the field. 


I will perform a dynamic assessment on each horse, which includes walking, trotting and turning in small circles. Please ensure that there will be someone who's able to do so. 


Please note that under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, I am required by law to obtain your vet's permission to treat your horse. Therefore I will require contact detail of your vet. 

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