Here at Hesteyri Pain Solutions, our focus has always been on the satisfaction of our clients. Not only do we want to provide you with pain relief, we also love to make sure you are happy with the whole process. Find out here what others have said about us!

'Jun helped me with a prolonged hamstring injury I had. I tried many many different type of treatments to get rid of it but none seem to work...so I decided to go and get Bowen, at first I was very spectacle but after the first treatment I started to feel the benefits, Jun is a very accommodating and a very knowledgeable man and I would highly recommend people give him a go!' - Marcus B.

'I've had a physical job for the last 10 years and was feeling some aches and pains as well as arm numbness in the night. After my first session my hips and shoulders were re-aligned and I've not experienced any pain or numbness since. After my second session my energy levels and overall feeling of wellbeing have increase immensely. Jun is an extremely talented man!'

- Polly W.

'Jun visits us at home, which is a benefit since after a treatment you can feel a little “floaty” and I prefer not to drive straight after a treatment. He’s a lovely guy and makes you feel completely comfortable with his treatment. If you’ve not had a treatment from Jun before, give it a try; it’s gentle, so relaxing and really helps us with our aches and pains. It might need 2-3 treatments to start taking full effect but when it does it’s amazing!' - Hugh G.

'Great service and results from Jun... as soon as I get a twinge, or a grumbling injury I think of HPS now as my go to treatment. I don't know how he does it but he's a miracle worker!' - Emma P.

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